Withdrawal of application and Scrutiny of Building Permit


  • You can withdraw your application for a building permit before you receive a sanction from the Noida Authority. In such a case, however, your fees will not be refunded.


  • Your application will be first scrutinised by an Authorised Officer from the Noida Authority (the 'Authority') verifying all the documents you submit along with the building plan, including all the documents attested by the Architect or Technical Person.
  • The Authority is entitled to to perform test checks by complete scrutiny of any of the plans submitted for approval.

Liability of the owner and architect-

  • Both, the owner of the property and the Technical Person are jointly and severally liable. They must submit an indemnity bond in favour of the Authority against the violation of these Regulations or any other relevant law.
  • In case there is a violation, the Architect or Technical Person is liable to get blacklisted by the Authority. If the owner is found to be in violation of the law, action will be taken against him in accordance with the provisions of the lease deed.